Spiritual Connections

When you are looking to make a connection with a loved one that has crossed over, you will most likely have a specific Spirit you wish to connect to. Unfortunately no Medium can guarantee (at least an honorable one) they can connect to a specific Spirit.  Though the Medium facilitates the connection; it is not your choice or my choice as the Medium, who I will connect with....that is Spirit's choice.  My individual sessions last for approximately one hour and my fee is $90.00. I can travel to you locally or provide you with a phone reading or via Skype I am also available for group readings and Charitable events.

Are you interested in learning to facilitate your own connections?  Do you want to learn how to hone your own psychic abilities?

I teach psychic development classes, both individual and groups.  Contact me for pricing.

Finally in this category, are my paranormal investigations and house cleansings/blessings. I have a small team. We have equipment to measure Spirit energy activity and equipment to record their activity.  We will never provocate

 or upset the Spirits intentionally (some are just upset by the mere presence of strangers).  First I attempt to communicate with the entities  in the space and try to figure out who they are. Then,  I cleanse the home of negative energy and entities using sage, palo santo, and sweetgrass.  I also put a protective barrier around the home and property.  I complete the process with  a blessing on the space.   Since each space (home or business) is different the fee will vary, based on travel requirements, number of team members needed, time and equipment required.

Holistic Health

As a Reiki Master, I trained for three years.  I received the proper attunements to facilitate the healing connection. 

I believe in exhausting all possible natural remedies to heal the body. I do not dismiss traditional medicine, as it does serve a purpose; however, I believe that there is a multitude of natural resources to ease pain, digestive issues and a great many health concerns.  I will help you to discover simple yet effective ways to heal yourself and your family's of health issues. For instance, did you know a tincture of fennel can help a baby with colic?!

Reiki Treatments are up to 50 minutes at a time.  The cost for a 50 minute session is $50.00. Sometimes, multiple treatments are needed, other times a single treatment will suffice.  Contact me for a personalized plan for you. 

In addition to Reiki, I also teach other classes, such as mindfulness, guided meditations & stress management.  These can be done in groups or private lessons.  Please contact me for pricing. 

Ministerial Services

I am a Certified Ordained Minister.   I truly believe that every person is entitled to fall in love with and marry whomever they choose.  My services can include attending the rehearsal if needed (some people do not need that), also I  offer to assist with the writing of the vows.  There are many types of ceremonies.  I can perform religious, non-religious, and  incorporate special features (such as hand tying) that are unique to your relationship.  My fee for this service is $300.00

I also perform baptisms and I officiate memorial services and funerals. If you are looking for someone to focus on the beautiful life of your loved one, their accomplishments and joy they brought to those around them, then please contact me.  This can be a very stressful and trying time, please allow me to help make this easier for you.   I can also offer grief counseling services.