Spring 2019

Workshops and classes as well as other events being scheduled for the spring of 2019 will be listed here. 

Spring Events 

Workshop: 3/15 Getting to know your intuition $10/person - Prequel to Psychic Development Classes  

Learn to recognize those subtle hints you get from your soul, the gut instinct that tells you when something just does not feel right or better yet....when it does!   Learn to trust your instincts through special mind exercises and meditative techniques. 

Once you learn...you will crave more knowledge even more!  You will be able to sign up for the psychic development classes on the day of the workshop. 

4/27/19 Sound & Crystal Journeys, Attunement, Empowerment & Initiation : Crystal and Sounds! Join us for this healing and transformative energy event to reconnect with inner-self and deepen your spiritual experience.  John DiBlasi will offer crystal healing and Annie Palmer will offer sound journey to support ease of body, mind and soul.   Rest comfortably while receiving these beautiful gifts.  Use this journey time as an opportunity to meditate or work with affirmations for healing and transformation.  You'll be supercharged with high frequency energies, clarity of mind and restore balance on multiple levels of your being. 

Register: AnniePalmer333@gmail.com

This Crystal and Sound event cost: $40/person