All natural products made by you. Puts you in control of the scent and means no chemicals. 

Learning to make your own products for health and home is fun, creative and I really must admit...addictive!  This can even become a small home business! 

Workshop (s) for January & February

This series is for both children & adults. Two workshops will be offered for children. The rest in the series are geared for adults. 

The DIY craze has hit!  Do it yourself projects not only make projects economical but also insures you are using natural products and reducing your carbon footprint.   Would you like to make your own household cleaner that you can use in any area of your home, with no fear that it could adversely effect the health of your family and pets?  How about making cold press bars of soap that lather so richly and leave you feeling luxurious?  

 Are your children bored?  Why not bring them here and learn how to make lip balm and toothpaste!  Check out our Facebook page for our scheduling.

**Unfortunately the Poconos in winter can be tricky for workshops & classes... we may have to have "snow dates" so please check the FB page for weather updates and delays!

Costs include instruction & supplies

Children workshops:  Lip balm & toothpaste $10/ea

Adult workshops: Deodorant & hand creams $30

Household cleaner/disinfectant & perfumes $25

Cold press soaps $25

Bath bombs, bath fizzies $20

1. Mediums & Psychics work in the       dark arts.

2. We can and should only communicate with GOD

3. Reiki is a cure & no other services are needed.

Mindfulness Classes Coming soon! 

This is a 4 week program beginning in  March

We can help you to be more present in your life

To focus on those things you are passionate about

To leave behind the past and not stress over future events so much

If you feel this program is something you would like to be a part of 

Then sign up now!

For the cost of $80.00 You will learn techniques to heighten your abilities to focus, to think more clearly and lessen your distractions.  These will benefit you for the rest of your life.  What are you waiting for?  

Certificate of completion upon successful completion of the 4th class. 

Full Moon Drum Circle

January 21st  2018

This month is the Wolf Moon but... it is also a Super Moon AND a Lunar Eclipse!!!

This will be a powerful night.

7pm - 9pm

Each month we will hold a full moon drum circle.  We will be drumming with intention and sending it out into ‚Äčthe universe

Come Join us for fun and let it touch your soul.